Lojo lost and found uploaderFor my last mobile project I chose to use Axure for my prototype. As an old school Photoshoper I was somewhat apprehensive about creating something using a new tool. I felt like my creativity flourished when I used Photoshop and without it I would be limited. However, I was pretty excited to learn something new and Axure has features to easily add interaction in prototypes. As I started to learn Axure I realized my limitations were defined by me. My mind was trapped in Photoshop. Once I started I realized I could utilize Illustrator and Photoshop by making assets and laying out my design and adding interaction in Axure. It was a great combination and really helped keep me focused on a user centered approach to my design. I wasn’t growing by limiting myself to photoshop. Sometimes I need to be reminded to embrace new technologies because they usually make work easier and better. Yay Axure!

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